What Is Meal  Prepping?

Meal prepping involves  making full meals in  advance, often in bulk.

What Supplies Do  You Need To Meal  Prep?

My top items are: ✅ Non-stick cookware ✅ Food storage containers ✅ Mixing bowls ✅ Measuring cups ✅ Knife/cutting board ✅ Food processor

How Should A  Beginner Meal Prep  For The Week?

Double batch lunch and  dinners throughout the  week so you have easy  leftovers!

See what I use to  prep each week👉

I've found that a few  kitchen essentials have  made my weekly meal  prep so much easier!

Caraway Cookware

100% non-toxic cookware  and food storage to make  your life easier + healthier.


A delivery service that  delivers high-quality,  hormone-free + humanely  raised meat directly to  your door.

Branch Basics

Non-toxic cleaning  products for safe cleaning  made simple.

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Geometry Towels

Fast drying, absorbent  kitchen towels for easy  and efficient clean up.

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