What Is LMNT?

LMNT is an electrolyte  drink mix that can be  added to water for extra  hydration. This drink mix  is full of clean ingredients.

What are the  benefits of  electrolytes?

✅ Maintain energy ✅ Healthy blood pressure ✅ Prevent headaches,  muscle cramps and fatigue ✅ Boost performance  and recovery ✅ Promote better sleep

Why do you need  to replenish  electrolytes?

You lose water + sodium  when you sweat! Both  need to be replaced to  prevent cramps,  headaches + energy dips.

What ingredients  are in LMNT?

SodiumPotassiumMagnesiumOther Trace Minerals

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LMNT Flavors: ✅ Citrus ✅ Orange ✅ Raspberry ✅ Watermelon ✅ Mango Chili ✅ Lemon Habanero ✅ Raw Unflavored ✅ Chocolate ✅ Grapefruit

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Do you drink  LMNT before or  after a workout?

I recommend taking  LMNT before exercise to  stay ahead of dehydration,  prevent muscle cramps  and injury, and boost  athletic performance.

How can I try it?!

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