What Is Caraway?

I’d seen Caraway’s  best-selling cookware  set everywhere, so I  decided to give it a try!

What’s So Special  About Caraway?

Caraway offers non-toxic,  ceramic-coated cookware  with a naturally slick  surface that's easy to  clean.

What Is Ceramic  Cookware?

A ceramic finish makes  products nonstick, easy  to clean, and induction- compatible.

Which Caraway  Products Are Worth  It?

My top items are: ✅ Cookware Set (I use  the fry pan most!) ✅ Large Baking Sheet ✅ Prep Set

See my top picks 👉

Caraway is built to last.  After a year of regular use,  I'm thrilled with the  quality!

Cookware Set

The cookware set is  Caraway’s best-selling  set of four non-stick  ceramic pans. The set  includes everything you  need for healthy cooking  on the stove or oven.

Baking Sheet

My weekly meal plan  always includes at least  one sheet pan meal. I  use Caraway’s large sheet  pan to double batch  meals so we have easy  leftovers.

Prep Set

The prep set is a staple in my kitchen – it includes  four knives, five wooden  utensils, and storage  organization that looks  nice on my countertop!

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