What Is  ButcherBox?

ButcherBox is a meat  delivery service that  delivers high-quality,  hormone-free and  humanely raised meat  directly to your door.

How Does It Work?

Choose your: ✅ Plan ✅ Frequency ✅ Get meat delivered  to your doorstep!

What Plans Are  Offered?

Custom Box: you get  to choose what cuts are  included. Mixed (Curated) Box: you  choose what type of meat  you want, and ButcherBox  chooses the specific cuts.

How Much Does  ButcherBox Cost?

✅ Classic custom: $169  (9-14 lbs of meat) ✅ Big custom: $306 (18-26 lbs of meat) ✅ Classic mixed: $146  (8-11 lbs of meat) ✅ Big mixed: $269  (16-22 lbs of meat)

Is The Meat High  Quality?

ButcherBox offers  100% grass fed beef, wild  caught seafood, free range  chicken and heritage  breed pork.

How Easy Is It To  Pause or Cancel  Membership?

You can skip a month  or cancel any time and their customer service is  excellent!

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