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Things I Love and More {September 2015}

photo credit: lissadee photography

so here’s how it’s going down. i am going to share things that bring a big, squinty-eyed smile to my face. like 3 things i personally love right now, 3 things i’m currently working on {accountability goals} and 3 things for the fit girl in you.

fierce forward retreat new mexico loving on gomacro bars for hiking fuel {click picture to learn more about gomacro}

3 things i personally love right now

  1. fall. bring on the pumpkin, apple orchards, wineries, burnt orange, lattes, chunky sweaters, apple cider, leggings and boots.
  2. being home. i love to travel and september was full of travel from chicago to california to new mexico…and it was all so amazing. but i’d being lying if i said i wasn’t excited for fall, less packed schedules and just being home with my husband.
  3. all the amazing sponsors who provided goodies for the fierce forward retreat i recently co-led in new mexico. thank you gomacro {featured above in picture}, sun warrior, health warrior, live ohm k {see 3 things for the fit girl in you to learn more about these awesome products}.

barre workout video

3 things i’m currently working on

  1. launching my 30 day online training programs! yes, i’m so excited to share these with you…just give me 1-2 more weeks to make final edits and get them uploaded to the site {logistics it all takes so much more time than expected}. in the meantime, i need your help. which workout video do you want a free trial of? vote here.
  2. finding more quite time and peace. i recently had the opportunity to get involved with a photographic movement rooted in social change, love is the true black. after watching their peace day global broadcast i was inspired to take my own statement from my image {quiet your soul is speaking} and put it into action.
  3. embracing my walking boot. since i’m stuck with it i mid-as-well embrace it. and it has some perks, like forcing me to slow down, take up swimming and realize how grateful i am to be healthy {being able to workout and move your body truly is a privilege}.
sun warrior protein_green smoothies
delicious green smoothies from the fierce forward retreat featuring sun warrior protein {click picture to learn more about sun warrior protein}.

3 things for the fit girl in you

  1. clean snack bars. we were lucky enough to have two of my favorite super clean snack bars at the fierce forward retreat. if you haven’t tried these delicious, low sugar bars yet…you must. gomacro {pictured above in group shot} has the most delicious peanut butter chocolate chip bar to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings, guilt-free. and you know i’m all about those healthy fats which make these health warrior chia bars {pictured below} the perfect, satisfying snack.
  2. clean protein. i’m just simply in love with sun warrior protein {i prefer their raw blend}. this clean, vegan protein makes it’s way into many of my green smoothies. in fact it was the star of the banana bread green smoothie we made at the retreat.
  3. funny workout/yoga tanks. i got my first live ohm k tank at the retreat and they are so fun. always coming out with new, creative sayings. mine says ‘you ain’t nothing but a down dog’ with an outline of elvis. now i can’t put the tank on without doing a down dog…talk about workout inspiration. and the tanks pair perfectly with my favorite fierce forward armor.
chia bars
yummy chia bar snacks from the fierce forward retreat from our friends at health warrior {click picture to learn more about health warrior and their chia bars}.
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