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The Best Way to do Mountain Climbers {on top of a mountain}

it’s been an incredible week – traveling from the beaches of california to the dessert of new mexico. while traveling i always make it a priority to move my body or get in a 20 minute workout of some kind.

fortunately, moving my body wasn’t too hard since i was co-leading a health and fitness women’s retreat on the new mexico leg of my trip. i must say there’s nothing like power yoga in the middle of a prayer labyrinth on the property of ghost ranch; which is known to be the thin veil between heaven and earth.

photo credit: cedar house photography

because this experience is too amazing not to share, join me in doing some mountain climbers and single leg deadlifts on top of chimney rock.


complete each exercise for 30 seconds:
mountain climbers – 30 seconds
single leg deadlift, right leg – 30 seconds
mountain climbers – 30 seconds
single leg deadlift, left leg – 30 seconds
repeat x 3 sets

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