Thanksgiving Leftovers Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

thanksgiving leftovers classic turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce -
photo credit: stacie hassing, simply nourished recipes

Is you’re fridge still jam-packed with Thanksgiving leftovers? If so, lucky you; and can I come over? Because all I have in my fridge is almond milk and hummus {although it is Hope Thai coconut curry hummus which in copious amounts can make even two week old, dry carrots taste pretty good}.

In fact, that might be an ideal post-vacation diet, carrots and hummus…but i’ll get to that later with my 3 cleanse-free tips for bouncing back from holiday meals below {or in my case a week of sipping sugary, pina coladas by the pool}. 

As you may know I was lucky enough to spend the past week on the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana with my family. Which means Maritza from the resorts hibachi grill served up a Thanksgiving dinner of sushi rolls, teriyaki steak and fried rice — while saying ‘yea baby’ every time she refilled my wine glass. It was great, but in all honesty, it just didn’t quite feel like Thanksgiving.

So in the spirit of still wanting to eat some turkey and re-cooping from a week of vacation i’m keeping it simple this week with a good old turkey sandwich recipe. 

thanksgiving leftovers classic turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce -
photo credit: stacie hassing, simply nourished recipes

The classic turkey sandwich is a staple in our household, in fact it’s what we had for dinner last night {and probably what my husband will be eating all week until I dig myself out of emails}. You can keep it classic or add a little holiday color and flavor with a cranberry puree drizzle.

Enjoy it open-faced or sandwich style, or what I like to call hubby-style. Or in my case serve it wifey-style, skipping the bread and tossing the ingredients over a bed of greens.

turkey sandwich with cranberry drizzle
Prep time
Total time
add a little holiday color and flavor to your classic turkey sandwich with a cranberry puree drizzle. enjoy it open-faced or sandwich style, or what i like to call hubby-style. or in my case serve it wifey-style, skipping the bread and tossing the ingredients over a bed of greens.
Recipe type: sandwich
Serves: 1
  • 2-3 thick slices of deli turkey
  • 1-2 slices of sprouted grain bread
  • ¼-1/2 avocado, sliced
  • ¼-1/2 c cranberries {or cherries}, pureed in blender
  • optional sandwich toppings: red onion, greens, cheese slice
  1. for the sandwich, stack all desired ingredients on slice of sprouted grain bread to make an open-faced turkey sandwich or top with another slice of sprouted grain bread to make a complete sandwich. you can always toss ingredients over a bed of greens if you're not a sandwich person as well.
  2. for the cranberry puree, blend ¼-1/2 cup fresh cranberries or cherries {pits removed} in a blender. drizzle puree over turkey and sandwich.

Turkey Tip + What to Look for On Deli Meat Labels

The turkey pictured here is the real deal from Whole Foods deli. I always prefer the real stuff from the deli, but some of my favorite packaged turkey meats include: applegate naturals, boars head and columbus meats. My top three deli meat requirements are:

  1. nitrate-free
  2. no MSG
  3. no antibiotics or growth hormones

3 Cleanse-Free Tips to Bounce Back from Overindulging {holiday’s, vacations, crazy weekends}

3 cleans-free tips to bounce back from overindulging during the holidays -

Eat a little too much turkey or pumpkin pie and struggling to pull yourself out of a sugar-coma? I feel you, I had one too many buffet meals and poolside dirty monkeys this past week. Whether it be holiday meals, vacations or a crazy weekend; we all know how it feels to overindulge and get off track.

And i’m here to tell you it’s OK…I repeat it’s ok {the repeat part is mostly for my own benefit — I need to hear this message as this is something I struggle with myself}.

In an effort to change my old thought process and eating habits, I decided not to ‘cleanse’ after this vacation. I want to stop feeling guilty about a fun weekend with my girlfriends or family vacation where I didn’t eat 100% clean. 

So instead of cleansing, I’m going to focus on these 3 feel-good ways to bounce back from vacation:

  1. Eat real, raw foods {and sip plenty of hot tea}. overindulging can overwhelm your digestive system. so cut back on meats, nuts, enriched flours and items that are harder to digest and focus on real, unprocessed, nutrient rich foods. enjoy green smoothies, dark leafy greens, sweet grapefruits, creamy avocados, eggs and fish. these light, vibrant foods pair perfectly with lemon water, caffeine-free herbal teas and my favorite probiotic, kombucha to keep you hydrated. i also like to load up on anti-inflammatory superfoods like ginger, turmeric, cayenne, mint, garlic and cinnamon. for more specific superfoods, grocery shopping lists, meal and beverage recipes check out my nourish 30 day meal plan.
  2. HIIT the gym. extra sweets equal extra glycogen being stored in your muscles. use this to your advantage and hit the gym for a super-set workout pairing HIIT or plyometrics with lifting {and lift a little heavier than normal}. i have the perfect 20 minute circuit workouts for you in my move training program.
  3. Find balance. jump right back on the health train — schedule workouts, sip green smoothies, you know the usual. but lose the perfectionist-stricken guilt and need to ‘cleanse’ in order to feel healthy.

i adore this quote I found on a blog called, the inspired table and i think it sums up everything I’m trying to say.

The Inspired Table defining your relationship with food and 3 cleanse-free tips to bounce back from overindulging during the holidays -
quote from the inspired table
  1. I am curious, when you do a cleanse what specifically are you doing? I am always interested to hear what others do to share the wealth of information!

    • Thanks for your interest Renee. So I’m not cleansing, just sticking to real food — yay! But when I do cleanse {which I do a lot less of now, but still 2-4 times a year} I do a 2-3 day reboot of my system to give it a break from digesting {which is the whole purpose of cleansing for me}. So I drink 4-6 green juices/smoothies a day for 2-3 days. I still intake anywhere from 1,000-1,500 calories if not more in green juices/smoothies, but I typically cut back on my teaching/fitness schedule and stick to yoga, barre and long walks during my cleanses. So my typical cleanse day will look like:
      early am: warm lemon water {+ cayenne and ginger} + green smoothie {all greens}
      mid-am: green smoothie with a little fruit {berries}
      afternoon: green smoothie typically with beets for a little extra energy
      mid-afternoon: lemon cayenne juice blended with 1/2 avocado
      evening: green smoothie
      before bed: green nut milk or warm nut milk with spices