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Strong + Lean in 2019: 28-Day Workout Calendar + Lower Body Workout Video

Strong and lean in 2019! Start the new year strong with a FREE, full-length 45-Minute Lower Body Max Out Workout Video. This workout video is day one of my Get Healthy U TV 28-Day Workout Calendar {which you can download today}!

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There’s something exciting about the fresh start January and the new year brings. If you’re ready to get ‘Strong and Lean in 2019’ than this 28-Day Workout Challenge is for you!

Have you tried my full-length workout videos? If you love that follow-along, I’m sweating with you every minute, workout video style than Get Healthy U TV {GHUTV} is right up your alley.

GHUTV is an online resource for full-length workout videos — everything from quick, 10-minute workouts to 45-minute full body workouts, yoga flows, strength training, HIIT, barre and more! Plus, new live workouts are added weekly.

I personally designed this 28-Day Workout Calendar, which includes all of my favorite, full-length workout videos from Get Healthy U TV.

Workout calendar | workout challenge for women | workout plan | 30 day workout calendarStrong + Lean in 2019 Challenge: 28-Day Workout Calendar

To access the 23 full-length workout videos that accompany the above 28-day workout calendar, you need to be a Get Healthy U TV Gold Member. You can become a Get Healthy U TV Gold Member for ONLY $20 for your first year using promo code: LindseyGold20 

Once you’ve signed up to become a Get Healthy U TV Gold Member you’ll get: 

  1. A downloadable 28-Day Strong + Lean in 2019 Workout Calendar PDF.
  2. Access to the 23 workout videos featured on the Strong + Lean in 2019 Workout Calendar; PLUS access to hundreds of additional, full-length workout videos. And new, LIVE workout videos are added weekly. All of these workout videos can be streamed to any device you choose.
  3. Exclusive access to a GHUTV Members Facebook page. I love our #GHUTVSquad community; the motivation is endless!

Get Healthy U TV | 28 Day Workout Challenge | Workout Challenge | 30 Day Workout Plan

If you’re looking for a structured, yet flexible, fitness routine you can do at home this 28-Day, Strong and Lean in 2019 Challenge is for you!

Click here to become a Get Healthy U TV Gold Member for ONLY $20 for your first year using promo code: LindseyGold20 

*Note, if you don’t love everything GHUTV has to offer, you can cancel your membership at any point in time. 

Strong + Lean in 2019 Challenge Day One: 45-Minute Lower Body Max Out Workout Video

Try day one of the Strong + Lean in 2019 Challenge for FREE! Click here, enter your email address and get this full-length, 45-minute Lower Body Max Out workout video.


*If you’re having trouble seeing the video above, try turning off or pausing your ad-blocker. If you prefer, you can also click here, and enter your email address to view this workout video. 

Talk about a booty lifter! This Lower Body Max Out Workout Video targets the booty and legs while getting your heart rate up at the same time. This is just one of the live workout videos featured in the Strong + Lean in 2019 Challenge.

These workout videos are challenging, yet made for everyone no matter where you are at in your fitness journey; from beginner to advanced, and high impact to low impact, modifications are offered for all fitness levels.

28 Day Workout Challenge | Workout Calendar | Workout Plan | Workout Video

Join the Strong + Lean in 2019 Challenge

The Strong + Lean in 2019: 28-Day Workout Challenge officially starts on Tuesday, January 1st.

That said, you can make the 28-day workout calendar work for you and your schedule, adjusting start dates and workout days as needed. The beauty of this 28-day workout challenge is that you get to do it all from your home, on your time!

Click here to join the 28-Day Workout Challenge for ONLY $20 for your first year using promo code: LindseyGold20 

Strong + Lean in 2019 | Workout Challenge | Workout Plan | Workout Calendar

This post is in partnership with gethealthyutv.com and this post does include affiliate links. I do receive a small commission if you sign up for GHUTV using the above links. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Nourish Move Love and all the content you see on this blog possible.

    • Great question Lizzy! It’s pretty basic, just a set of dumbbells. Having two sets, heavier + lighter is always a nice option to have as well. And there’s an option to add a mini-loop resistance band as well if you’d like, but just an option. Let me know if you have any additional questions! Thanks Lizzy + happy Holiday’s! Lindsey

    • Great question, a GHUTV Gold Membership after the first year is $149. So getting access for $20 for your first year is an AMAZING deal! I hope that helps answer your question! -Lindsey