5 Must Try Moves for Leaner Legs {Tabata workout}

lower body tabata workout 1

the number one excuse i hear for not working out is…’i don’t have time’. before i get on my soap box and rant about priorities and making time let me share this super simple, 5 move tabata circuit with an emphasis on the lower body {aka your legs}. all you need is 15 minutes and trust me, if done correctly, this will be as effective than spending 1 hour in the gym.

note, a true tabata is 20 second intervals with 10 second rests between exercises, but because i like to push the limits i make it 30 second intervals. all i ask is that you go hard for 30 seconds {you can do anything for 30 seconds}.

lower body blasting tabata circuit

lower body blasting tabata circuit

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