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Things I Love and More {April 2016} + become a morning workout person for summer

there’s a beautiful new face joining the nml team to help with all the amazing collaborations in the works. plus get my three tips on how to become a morning workout person for summer!

the her initiative fit for her

I feel like I was just writing this post for March and now here we are, at the end of April. I can hardly keep up. Seriously, I can’t keep up. Which is why I’m super excited to share with you that there’s a beautiful new face joining the nml team — welcome amy! I’m over-the-moon excited to have Amy on board, she’s pretty much amazing {I’ll be sharing more on her below}!

I actually met Amy at the #partyforhermpls earlier this month. I think God has an amazing way of attracting people into our lives.

Speaking of attracting people into your life, I must say I was surrounded by some of the most amazing women I know earlier this month at the #partyforhermpls! A huge thank you to Lissadee Photography for capturing the event. 

the her initiative fit for her
photo credits: lissadee photography

3 things i personally love right now

  1. fit for her. a movement of fitness-based events to raise funds for the her initiative. super excited to say that minneapolis has been the largest ‘fit for her’ party yet {I think we are going to have to try and outdue ourselves with another event}. make sure you’re following @the_her_initiative on instagram and facebook to find out if a ‘fit for her’ event is coming to your city.
  2. spa weekend. as part of winning the Christopher & Banks Amazing Women award I got to spend this past weekend at The Radison Blu Mall of America with my beautiful mother. We were pampered all weekend at Solimar Spa {seriously the most amazing massage of my life, I see why people get messages on a regular basis}.
  3. wednesday mornings. i’ve decided that wednesday mornings are my ‘refuel’ mornings and i’m loving it! it’s the one day a week i sleep in and start the day slow with my detox tea and devotional readings. Followed by a mid-morning run around Lake Calhoun with my good friend Abby, and then I’m off to teach barre class at noon. I have a strict ‘no computer’ rule until after my barre class. I cherish my wednesday’s and it’s now become my favorite day of the week! I highly reccommend you try and schedule a day like this into your week/weekend, it’s been a game-changer for me.
meet amy
photo credit: lissadee photography

3 things i’m currently working on

  1. asking for help. enter amy, the beautiful blonde working it out in the picture above! first I owe a huge thank you to Morgan over at Construction2Style for introducing me to Amy and sharing Amy’s talents with me {Amy is also the Marketing Manager for Construction2Style}. Now let’s get to know Amy…

    She graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Psychology and Business Marketing. Amy played hockey for the Huskies throughout her collegiate career {D-1 hockey folks she’s a stud}.  And she’s just returning from some solid travel time to Central America and a solo road trip out west. Amy’s passionate about all things health and wellness and getting her barre certification in May! Fast facts about Amy and why we’ll get along great: 

    Favorite Food: Sushi
    Favorite Beverage: Kombucha
    Favorite Workout: Barre Cardio
    Favorite Exercise: Plank
    Favorite Workout Jams: see below under 3 things for the fit girl in you!

  2. so many collaborations. I’m knee-deep in the middle of several brand collaborations that I can’t wait to share with you! Like, working on an amazing cinco de mayo recipe with local crate {coming to your inbox on Sunday 5/1}; the summer sweat series 2016 with Fit Foodie Finds and Ambitious Kitchen; the Noursihed 7-Day Refresh Ebook with dietitian stacie {see 3 things for the fit firl in you}; and one more collab with a big athletic clothing brand that’s still a big secret {more on that in mid-May}!
  3. packing for the big move. mr. handsome and I officially close on our first house May 20th! Yay! And somewhere between now and then {and trips to Cali, Michigan and New York} I’ll be packing up our apartment. Wish me luck! And if anyone is in need of a brand new, king-sized bed-set that won’t fit in our new bedroom, let me know!
how to become a morning workout person
photo credit: lissadee photography

3 things for the fit girl in you

  1. how to become a morning workout person for summer. morning workouts are my jam! but I understand the 5am wake up and sweat routine isn’t for everyone. that said, summer’s just around the corner. Sunrise is earlier, happy hour patios are opening, and your motivation to workout past 4pm is dwindling. Solution, change to a morning workout routine for summer and spend your summer nights grilling, happy houring and camp firing! Here’s my three tips on how to become a morning workout person for summer:
    • plan ahead — every night I lay out my workout outfit for the next morning, set out my tea mug and fresh lemon, and prep and pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks so I can grab them before I run out the door.
    • get an accountability partner — make a morning workout date with a friend. I’m way less likely to roll over and hit snooze if I know I’m meeting a friend {no one wants to be ‘that girl’ who didn’t show up to meet a friend}. Or book a group fitness class, I’d way rather work out with the support of a group over getting extra zzz’s and doing a solo gym session later {plus I’m not wasting $20 on a group fitness class to sleep through it}.
    • stop telling yourself ‘i’m not a morning person’ — it’s all about creating habits. start by crawling into bed earlier and trying one to two morning workouts a week. if you’re alarm goes off at 5am and you can talk yourself out of a workout, your mind is already moving. You might as well get up and move your body too.
  2. Nourish 7-Day Refresh. dietitian stacie and I are so close to officially launching this 20-page ebook; we’re sharing all our tips and tricks to getting back in your groove with 7 days of real food and exercise. More details will be landing in your inbox later next week!
  3. #fitspiration. If you didn’t catch my guest, #fitspiration blog on simply beaming last week check it out here. I share my two cents on the best, more effective training plan and diet, as well as, my passion for health and fitness.

BONUS — since Amy is way more hip than I am {is it not-hip, to use the word hip?!}; here are the workout jams currently rocking Amy’s playlist: THE NEW BEYONCE ALBUMLight It Up by Major Lazer; Fast Car by Jonas Blue {Remix}Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers; and Stone Cold by Demi Lovato.

photo credit: lissadee photography

are you a morning workout person? tell me why or why not in the comments below! i’d also love to hear what jams are rocking your workout playlist?!

  1. This is best blog for healthy tips.You shared very useful information thank you for sharing. Morning exercise improves sleep, a benefit that could also promote weight loss.Its give us freshness.

    • Thanks, you’re so kind! I’m glad you find my blog valuable and a great source for health/wellness tips! Thank you!

  2. Some of my current favs on my workout playlist:
    Shake by Mercy Me (except I often have to stop in between my strength-training rounds to dance when this comes on)
    I Will Follow by Jeremy Camp
    Rock What You Got by Superchick

    They’re all by Christian artists – not because there’s anything wrong with secular music, but I have limited amounts of time to listen to music in general, and there’s just TOO much awesome Christian stuff out there that I love!!

    • I LOVE THIS LIST! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite jams with me Kelly! I’ll be adding these to my playlist for sure! Thank you!

  3. SO much happiness wrapped up in this post!! I wish you had time to put on more of those events, haha! I wanna see more of those pictures!! Such a great time!

    Jamie and I just decided we are going to hold one another accountable and get our booties out of bed to get a workout in together. We just bought our weights and I can’t wait to do your moves in our home.

    CAN NOT wait to help you with your home and share all the details! 🙂

    SO SO SO happy Amy’s working for ya! We need to get somem strategy sessions on the calendar. XOXO

    • Morgan! Yes, more events are in the works, yay! I love that you and Jamie are teaming up; it’s so much easier to get your butt out of bed when you have an accountability partner! And yes, I’m so excited to collab with you on our new home — I need your decorative, designer touch! And yes, strategy sessions over coffee, wine or whole foods salad bar real soon! xo

    • Hi Kristy! So we aren’t actually selling our king bed/mattress, but we are selling our king bed-set {frame, 2 nightstands, 1 large dresser}…any interest? Here’s what it looks like {https://www.homfurniture.com/productSearch/Santa-Cruz-Poster-Bed/22891/124343}.