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Lean Legs, Tight Tush {2 leg day favorites}

‘i just want leaner legs and tighter tush,’ says 99% of the women i work with; at which i smile, because these are my specialties.

i love leg day and these two moves make a regular appearance in my workouts because they make my booty sore every time. which means they work!

combine these two moves — single leg deadlift and power lunge — to build lean muscle in your bottom half and boost your metabolism, while also improving your core strength and balance.

lungeworkout 2

complete each exercise for 30 seconds: 
single leg deadlift, right – 30 seconds
power lunge, right – 30 seconds
single leg deadlift, left – 30 seconds
power lunge, left – 30 seconds
repeat x 4 sets


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