Every Day Is Game Day in Collaboration with Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl

Behind the scenes at the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl. 

Land O' Lakes Farm Bowl

As you’ve seen in my recent Instagram posts, I’ve teamed up with Land O’Lakes, Inc. to help share the story of what it means to be a farmer in 2018.

Throughout this collaboration I had the opportunity to visit Roerview Dairy, a Land O’Lakes member farm in Swanville, MN. It was Brody’s first farm visit, and quite fitting that with him on my hip, I drew so many parallels between being a farmer and mother.

Land O'Lakes Farm Visit with Brody

My biggest takeaway, every day is game day for moms and farmers.

It’s easy to go to the grocery store and pick up a stick of butter, but seeing the farm-to-fork continuum in action gave me a greater respect for my local farmers; and all 3,825 Land O’Lakes member farmers across the country.

Land O’Lakes, Inc. and its member farmers are passionate about feeding a growing population.

The farmers are leveraging some of the world’s greatest innovations and technologies to make sure the food they’re putting on their table and ours is safe. Now that’s something a mother can appreciate.

Breakfast with Brody

In addition to visiting a Land O’Lakes member farm, I also got to experience the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl last Thursday, February 1, at the 3M Arena at Mariucci.

The Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl Experience

Land O'Lakes Farm Bowl Arena

The Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl pit teams of current and former professional football players and Land O’Lakes member farmers against each other in a series of farm-themed experiences to demonstrate the skill and determination required to succeed as a farmer today.

You could see the grit of ‘every day is game day’ throughout the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl.

The event was a light-hearted competition, but the football players and farmers used their strength and agility to move swiftly between tasks. From tractor tire changes to drone drops, each team gave it their best effort; it was clear that both football players and farmers have passion and hard work running through their veins.

Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl Kyle Rudolph
Minnesota tight end Kyle Rudolph competes in the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl with farmer Darin Johnson on Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018 in Minneapolis. (Bruce Kluckhohn/AP Images for Land O’Lakes)

The crowd cheered the teams on every step of the way, especially the GENYOUth cheering section.

Land O’ Lakes, Inc. takes inspiring the next generation seriously and has teamed up with GENYOUth to bring kids of all backgrounds from across America out to a farm. Bringing awareness to the high-tech, entrepreneurial industry of modern agriculture.

Land O'Lakes Farm Bowl Participants

I was certainly inspired after meeting and chatting with former professional football player turned farmer, Jason Brown {@wisefarmerbrown}. Jason truly embodies a farmer passionate about feeding America while also impacting his local community in North Carolina. You can learn more about Jason and his farm here.  

Land O'Lakes Farm Bowl Jason Brown

Jason {pictured above} even made it to the final round of the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl, participating in the Feed Run. But he feel short to Stefon Diggs and his partner JJ Nunes of Nunes and Sons Dairy. Naturally, Stefon winning the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl was a real crowd pleaser in light of the recent #MinnesotaMiracle play heard around the world.

Farmer JJ Nunes, left, and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs hoist the trophy for winning the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl on Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018 in Minneapolis. (Bruce Kluckhohn/AP Images for Land O’Lakes)

It’s been an honor to collaborate with Land O’Lakes, Inc. to help share the story of what it means to be a farmer in 2018.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Land O’Lakes, Inc. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make nourish move love and all the content you see on this blog possible. 

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