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Things I Love and More {january 2016}

i’m sharing all the things that brought a big, squinty-eyed smile to my face in january; like how hard work really does pay off. 

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3 things i personally love right now

  1. mild winter, sunshine and warm temps in mn. yes, i’m going to talk about the weather. as i write this post on january 31st, it’s currently 39 and sunny in minnesota. in january! i just finished a walk around lake calhoun with my handsome hubby and the sun is beating on my back and glaring off my computer screen at the coffee shop. I could get used to this.
  2. new camera. yup, i’ve reached official blogger status and purchased a cannon rebel t5i camera with a 100mm lens. i’m still a total newbie shooting in auto, but i’m learning a lot about iso, aperture, and white balance. hello beautiful food pictures with blurred background.
  3. hard work pays off. since i officially started working on nml full-time in May 2015 i feel like i’ve been busting my butt. constantly wondering if i could actually make this work. and january rolled in with screaming #yesyoucan! It’s like all my hard work is paying off — new business and blogging partnerships have come to fruition {check me out on mega-blog gethealthyu and my mention on the healthy maven’s list of up-and-coming health and fitness bloggers}, new collabs and partnerships are rolling in {stay tuned for things in the works with local crate, the her initiative, and more}, people are finding me {and sending me free goodies, thanks seven sundays}, my email list is growing, my online training programs are selling, i’ve recently been featured on optimistic millennial and twin cities live, and a lot more amazing things are in the works {like a super cool award i won which landed me a big shopping spree…more to come on that in Feb}.

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3 things i’m currently working on

  1. allowing myself more guilt-free grace. taking one day a week off work {ok, right now it’s a half day, but i’m working up to one full day a week}. sleeping in, going for walks, napping, and cooking because i want to and not feeling guilty about not doing a single thing on my to-do list. i’ve recently been attending wooddale church and we just finished a series on ‘what would you do if you had 30 days left to live.’ and i realized being a work-a-holic wasn’t on my bucket list, but enjoying life and spending more time with my husband was.
  2. eating bread, enjoying it, and being ok. i know this sounds silly, but i, like many women, have had my fair share of complexes with food {i’m slowly getting more comfortable sharing this with you guys}. and i don’t know if you noticed but #avocadotoast seems to be the rage on instagram {with 85,788 tags}. and no wonder, it’s freakin’ delicious. so after years of being scared of eating ‘too many carbs’ i’m proud to say that as of recently a runny egg over avocado and sprouted grain toast is a breakfast staple in 2016 and it’s here to stay!
  3. giving more. i’ve been a go-getter for most of my life, but i’m so excited to make 2016 the year of being a go-giving. making this transition is not easy as i can be pretty selfish {i mean let’s call it like it is, i love striving for my goals and accomplishing tasks on my to-do list}. but i’m excited to be partnering with the her initiative on some upcoming projects, including a ‘party for her’ this spring. if you’re interested in getting involved, drop me a line — lindsey@lindsey.madetothrive.com!

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3 things for the fit girl in you

  1. keep your freezer stocked. you know the importance of food prep. and equally as important is the stocked freezer to dig into on those busy weeknights. so what’s in my freezer? a gallon bag of oat balls {always on hand for snacking}, hearty homemade soup, frozen berries and bananas for green smoothies, trader joe’s organic superfood pilaf,  dark chocolate bar {late night sweet tooth}, and then there’s some frozen lasagna for the nights i’m away and my husband needs to eat, and our left over wedding cake.
  2. pin more workouts. i’ve officially joined the world of pinterest and i want to help you get fit anywhere, anytime. pin my workouts to your ‘going to make you sweat’ board and have a have an index of workouts to choose from when you’re in a pinch.
  3. tunes to add to your workout playlist. pump up your workout with ‘break a sweat’ by becky g, and stretch and cool down to ‘if we’re honest’ by francesca battistelli.

  1. as a friend who’s known you for almost a decade, i am so proud to read this blog. to accomplish what God’s placed on your heart takes commitment, perseverance, and functioning on little sleep. however, you’ve done that, you’re doing that, and you’re finding balance that works for you. this is just the beginning of nourish move love!

  2. i practically had ‘break a sweat’ on repeat at the gym today, thanks for sharing it!