3 tips for a healthier night’s sleep with pangeabed™ luxury mattresses and pillows

Believe it or not, it’s not the amount {or lack thereof} of sleep that’s effecting your health, but rather the quality of your sleep. Apply these 3 tips to clean up your sleep hygiene for a healthier night’s sleep. 

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Some days I jump out of bed at 4:30am ready sweat and teach and awesome barre class, and other days I roll out of bed after 3 snoozes and think I’m treating myself to a big coffee after class today. Similarly, some days my body craves veggies all day from my green smoothie to my green goddess quinoa bowl for dinner. Whereas, other days I just want a big bowl of peanut butter cup banana ice cream What gives? Well, experts say it could be linked to the quality of our sleep. 

Let’s be honest, we all know we need more sleep. The average American needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night; which can be a real challenge, especially if you have an early morning workout wake up call. But, believe it or not, it’s not the amount {or lack thereof} of sleep that’s effecting our health, but rather the quality of our sleep. It’s all that counting sheep, tossing and turning that has you reaching for an extra cup of joe {and staring deep into the glass pastry case at the coffee shop}. 

Yes, I’m talking to you {and me} — from the blue-light junkie who’s on the computer or iPad until we crawl into bed, to the caffeine-aholic who’s reaching for another cup of coffee at 3pm. Did you know that blue-light exposure hinders melatonin production? And caffeine has a 6 hour half life. So if you have a latte at 3pm, 50% of that caffeine is still running through your veins at 9pm when you’re ready to crawl into bed. 

And if you need more convincing that poor sleep has you reaching for an office donut, in a new study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that test subjects who slept poorly ate an average of 385 extra calories the next day {and no, those extra calories weren’t from healthy fats and protein}. This is the result of how poor sleep increases the ghrelin hormone which stimulates your appetite, while simultaneously reducing the leptin hormone which regulates your feelings of fullness. 

It’s time to clean up our sleep hygiene friends! Speaking of cleaner sleep habits, I’d like to introduce you to my hypoallergenic, luxury mattress and pillow sponsor behind this this post, PangeaBed™. 

PangeaBed™ luxury mattresses and pillows 

As outlined above, restful sleep and recovery is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Your body works hard for you from your 6am workout till your 9pm house clean up and beyond; it’s time to give your body the kind of sleep that it deserves with PangeaBed™ Copper Mattresses and Pillows.

We’ve all been to a friends house, cabin or hotel and woken up with a stiff neck longing for the comfort of our own bed. But I’m here to tell you that even your own bed could use an upgrade, and you can sleep cleaner with copper. With powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic properties, copper has been used throughout history for its purifying powers.

Pangea Bed copper mattress

PangeaBed™ has changed the mattress industry and infused real copper within their 100% pure talalay latex for the health-conscious person who strives for a better night’s sleep. Not to mention, the Gel-Infused Memory Foam and Air Flow Technology makes this the perfect mattress for everybody, especially the ‘warm’ sleeper as the copper infusion makes for a cooler nights sleep. 

Which is why the copper infusion goes beyond the mattress and into PangeaBed™ copper pillows. These pillows are pure supportive bliss; super durable and designed with air flow perforations to maximize breathability.

PangeaBed™ copper mattresses and pillows are designed with a clean, active lifestyle in mind: 

  • Incredible resiliency, they won’t take body impressions and never give you that “sinking in” feeling.
  • Cooler sleeping due to copper infusion and advanced air flow technology.
  • Durable, antibacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic.

Just ask The Real Food Dietitians who officially broke in our guest bedroom last week and got the ultimate night’s sleep on our new PangeaBed™ copper mattresses and pillows. 

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I want to share the PangeaBed™ love by offering you $100 off any mattress using promo code: Nourish100.

Give your body the kind of sleep that it deserves with PangeaBed™ Copper Mattresses and Pillows.

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