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Burpees on Steroids {I Dare You}

love burpees, but need some variation in your hiit {high intensity interval training} routine? ok let’s be honest you’re an odd duck if you love burpees, but i’m always game to try new exercises and i hope you are too. and since no one likes to do burpees alone, i reccommend grabbing a gal pal to join in the burpee fun.

*note: medicine ball is not required to complete this circuit. you can grab any ball you have lying around home, or do the circuit with no ball. if you happened to grab a gal pal you can alternate rolling the ball back and forth between burpees.

i challenge you to complete as many of these burpees on steroids as you can. aim for a goal of 15 reps or time yourself for 1 minute.

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