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Bodyweight Burnout Sneak Peek {Cardio + Core}

i must still running on adrenaline because after 3 full days of filming workout videos for my move online training program {launching in october} i’m still bursting with excitement.

i may be a little biased, but in my opinion these are the most efficient 20 minute workouts you can do and i can’t wait to share them with you. starting with this sneak peek from my move bodyweight burnout video.

pair the cardio based loaded squat jack with the core sculpting walk out plank to sphinx to see just how challenging working out with just your bodyweight can be. bonus no equipment needed so you can do this workout anywhere, anytime.

low plank
photo credit: lissadee photography

complete each exercise for 40 seconds: 
loaded squat jacks with arms – 40 seconds
walk out plank to sphinx {or low plank} – 40 seconds
rest – 10-20 seconds
repeat x 4 sets

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