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At Home Barre Strong Workout {Barre Strength Training}

Strengthen, lengthen, tone, and sculpt your glutes, thighs, triceps, and shoulders with this barre strong hybrid workout — combining barre and strength training.

Barre Strong At Home Barre Strength Training Workout

Creating hybrid workouts is my jam. i love taking one type of workout and combining it with another for a more dynamic, fun workout. this week i’m combing my love for barre with my love for strength training.

With my current group fitness teaching schedule, i do barre 3 times a week and try to strength train 2-3 times a week. i’m frequently asked what my typical workout schedule looks like for the week, so here it is:

  • Monday – teach barre at 5:45am at Haute Barre {1 hour barre workout + I typically try to go for a walk or jump on a bike while I read or listen to a podcast to make sure I get my steps in for the day}.
  • Tuesday – my day off from teaching so I like to take the Alchemy A20 6:30am class with the lovely Andrea {Minneapolis folks if you haven’t tried Alchemy yet, you really should}.
  • Wednesday – my day to sleep in! I teach barre from 12-12:45pm {45 minute barre class + I sometimes try to sneak in a 2-3 mile run or walk before class, again got to get those steps in}.
  • Thursday – teach a small group strength training class at Anytime Fitness University Ave {1 hour strength based superset workout, which I typically share on Instagram + I bike or stair step for 20 minutes after class while I read and catch up on social media}.
  • Friday – teach barre at 5:45am {1 hour barre workout}.
  • Saturday – my freestyle day! I love Saturday’s because it’s all about whatever workout I want to do. Sometimes I schedule a workout date with Tim or a friend, or I head to the gym to lift whatever body parts still need attention from the week, or I just go for a run if it’s nice out, or I do one of my 20 minute home workout videos, or the options are pretty much endless but I do whatever workout I feel like and I love Saturday workouts!
  • Sunday – my rest day when I typically try and convince Tim to go on a walk around lake calhoun with me.

So there you have it, my typical workout schedule for the week. As you can see I like my routine, but I also really like to mix it up. And one way I mix it up is by creating my own fun workouts, combing various formats, like this barre strong hybrid workout.

Combine barre with strength training to strengthen, lengthen, tone, and sculpt your glutes, thighs, triceps, and shoulders.

ps – so i’m not sure what happened in the begining of this video, I have a head I swear. This was one of those baahaaaa moments, where I debating even posting this video. But I like to see exercise form, so here’s my head-less workout video. Sometimes done is better than perfect {but seriously the perfectionist in me is screaming that this got posted like this}. 

The Workout: Barre Strong

complete 12 reps per exercise on each side of the body. repeat workout x 3 sets. all you need is two light-to-medium dumbbells so you can do this routine anywhere, anytime. i’ve provided recommended dumbbell weights below.

dumbbell weight recommendations:

beginner: no dumbbells – 2 pound dumbbells
intermediate: 3-8 pound dumbbells
advanced: 8-15 pound dumbbells

see video above for complete workout and proper exercise form.

squat + tricep and donkey kick

barre strong workout barre + strength training squat with tricep and donkey kick -- www.nourishmovelove.com

side leg lift + front raise

barre strong workout barre + strength training side leg lift with front raise -- www.nourishmovelove.com

first position chair + straight arm pulses

barre strong workout barre + strength training first position chair with straight arm pulses -- www.nourishmovelove.com

oblique crunch + leg extension 

barre strong workout barre + strength training oblique crunches with leg extension -- www.nourishmovelove.com

single leg glute bridge + toe touch

barre strong workout barre + strength training single leg glute bridge with toe touch -- www.nourishmovelove.com

the outfit: alala style

so many of you loved the workout I was wearing in last week’s total body dumbbell workout, so I’m bringing alala style back with the everyday tee. i love this fitted crewneck that easily slips on and of course has thumb holes in true workout top fashion.

this top is from alala’s new 3-piece wardrobe capsule. get this look here. bonus, get 15% off your order using promo code: nml15

barre strong workout barre + strength training alala style -- www.nourishmovelove.com

this workout is sponsored by alala style who provided the athletic top for these photos and video.

barre strong workout: 

complete 12 reps per exercise on each side of the body. repeat workout x 3 sets. all you need is two light-to-medium dumbbells so you can do this routine anywhere, anytime. 

  • squat + tricep and donkey kick
  • side leg lift + front raise
  • first position chair + straight arm pulses
  • oblique crunch + leg extension
  • single leg  glute bridge + toe touch

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barre strong workout pin barre + strength training -- www.nourishmovelove.com


    • Early morning workouts are my jam! And yes barre + strength is one of my favorite ways to workout! Nice work lady!

  1. Love that top! If you ever need someone else to join you for a walk around Lake Calhoun, I live very close to there and am often running around Calhoun and Harriet on the weekends!

    • Jill! Yes, we’ll have to meet up for a walk or run around Calhoun as soon as it warms up a bit — I would LOVE that! Let’s make it a date in March!