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Holiday Hustle: 45-Minute Holiday Bootcamp Workout with Fit Foodie Finds

get in the holiday spirit with this 45-minute holiday bootcamp workout {makes a great post-holiday workout too}! 

45-minute holiday workout | www.nourishmovelove.com

I’m officially in the Holiday spirit — there is snow on the ground, I watched Home Alone with the hubs, I’m sipping honey lavender hot cocoa as I write this post and I worked out with reindeer bells on my head earlier this week!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that Lee {Fit Foodie Finds} and I hosted a Holiday Hustle Sweat + Give Back Event earlier this week. We wanted to get in the holiday spirit with some of our Minneapolis friends while contributing to a local family in need this holiday season. For being such a last minute event, it was a total success! Huge thank you to everyone who showed up and contributed. 

This group of amazing ladies crushed some burpees and raised over $350; all proceeds from the event were donated to You First Inc to purchase items for a local Minnesota family in need this holiday season.

holiday hustle minneapolis ladies

And for those of you who couldn’t make to the event we wanted to share the Holiday Hustle 45-Minute Bootcamp-style workout we did. So grab your friends, family, and santa hats, and get ready to sweat during these 30-second strength circuits paired with cardio tabata intervals.

The Workout: 45-minute holiday bootcamp workout with fit foodie finds

This 45-minute holiday or post-holiday workout consists of 5 bootcamp circuits. Each circuit has two strength-based exercises; complete each exercise for 30 seconds x 2 sets. Then perform the cardio tabata, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest x 4 cycles. Repeat the entire workout x 2 sets for a full 45-minute circuit.

If you have access to medium-weight dumbbells, resistance thigh bands, a medicine ball, and gliders {or hand towels} add them to this circuit. But you can also do this entire routine using just your bodyweight, no equipment needed.

CIRCUIT ONE {with optional set of medium dumbbells}:

  1. Strength: Single Leg Deadlift + Curl {1 set per leg}
  2. Strength: Walking Push Ups + Partner Hand Clap

X 2 Sets

Cardio Tabata: Squat + Jack + Jack X 4 Cycles

CIRCUIT TWO {with optional thigh resistance bands (affiliate)}:

  1. Strength: Squat + Alternating Side Leg Lift
  2. Strength: Banded Marching Glute Bridge

X 2 Sets

Cardio Tabata: Runner Squats X 4 Cycles

CIRCUIT THREE {with optional gliders or hand towels}:

  1. Strength: Glider Lateral Lunge {1 set per leg}
  2. Strength: Side Plank + Rotational Clap {1 set per side}

X 2 Sets

Cardio Tabata: Power Knee Drives {2 cycles per leg} X 4 Cycles

CIRCUIT FOUR {with optional medicine ball}:

  1. Strength: Forward / Backward Lunge + Pass {1 set per leg}
  2. Strength: Squat + Punch

X 2 Sets

Cardio Tabata: Squat + Hop + Hop X 4 Cycles

CIRCUIT FIVE {with optional gliders or hand towels}:

  1. Strength: Push Up + Glider Lat Pull
  2. Strength: Squat + Crunch

X 2 Sets

Cardio Tabata: Burpees X 4 Cycles

See video above for complete workout and proper exercise form. 

holiday hustle workout

Lee and I want to wish you the happiest of holiday’s and also send a huge thank you to our Holiday Hustle event sponsors: Juice So Good, WholeMe, Lorissa’s Kitchen, Larabar and The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition General Mills.

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45-minute holiday bootcamp workout | www.nourishmovelove.com

post holiday 45-minute workout | www.nourishmovelove.com

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