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3 Moves to a Better Booty

3 Moves to a Better Booty

I’m all about working that booty. It’s my favorite muscle to train hands down; which makes this walking boot {for the fracture in my fourth metatarsal} not very conducive to my training plan.

So I’m throwing it back with new spin on some old school {Jane Fonda style} glute sculpting moves in plank and table top.

You’re just 3 moves away from a better booty.

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Complete each exercise for 30 seconds:

  1. high plank straight leg pulses, right leg – 30 seconds
  2. table top curtsy kicks, right leg – 30 seconds
  3. table top glute stamps, right leg – 30 seconds
  4. high plank straight leg pulses, left leg – 30 seconds
  5. table top curtsy kicks, left leg – 30 seconds
  6. table top glute stamps, left leg – 30 seconds

Repeat x 3 sets. 1.5 min per leg = 3 min per set x 3 sets = 9  min total.

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