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2015 blog recap {most popular posts of 2015 + sneak peek into 2016}

that’s a wrap 2015 — recapping the best posts of the year and a little sneak peek into 2016. 

nourish move love 2015 year in review, most popular posts and 2016 resolutions -- www.nourishmovelove.com

ok not to be cliche, but where in the heck did time go?

normally at the end of each month i share all the things that brought a big, squinty-eyed smile to my face. but it’s been a pretty epic year so i’m changing things up and doing a little nourish move love 2015 year in review.

it all started in august 2015 when nourish move love officially launched! just kidding it started way before that, like when i committed to quitting my sales job in february 2015, but it became official in august.

since then i’ve written 84 posts. making this, the final post of 2015, number 85. it’s kind of killing me to end the year on an odd number, because my ocd tendencies really like even numbers. but i’m taking a big inhale and letting it be. which has kind of been my new theme towards the end of 2015 and something i hope to take into 2016. i’ve realized that done is better than perfect and there is so much more to life than my to-do list {although to be honest i’m still really working on accepting both these statements}.

but if you want to simmer down on your type a, super anal, perfectionist tendencies just start a solo-one-man-shop business. after watching wordpress tutuorials for 8 hours and then realizing you still need to write a workout, film it, photograph it, edit the video, write a blog on it, send out an email and then write another workout before you teach class at 5am the next day…you just accept that you can physically only do so much and done is better than perfect.

so on that note, let’s take a look at the most popular post of 2015.

most popular recipe of 2015 -- easy, no-bake pumpkin oat balls -- www.nourishmovelove.com

most popular recipes on the blog in 2015: 

  1. easy, no bake pumpkin oat balls {makes total since seeing as these are my fav too}
  2. 3 ingredient brussel sprout skewers
  3. zucchini salad with thai sauce {one of my very first recipe posts so excuse the crummy pics, i’m getting better at food photography i swear}

most popular workout of 2015 -- 2 moves to pump your sexy muscles guns and buns workout -- nourishmovelove.com

most popular workouts on the blog in 2015:

  1. 5 must try moves for leaner legs {again one of my first posts ever so sorry for the tacky workout graphic and lack of video}
  2. guns and buns workout
  3. barre amped workout

now that you know what was popular in 2015. tell me what do you want to see on the blog in 2016? take the 5 question survey and tell me!

additional 2015 highlight reel 

if you told me a year ago that i’d be married, quit my sales job, started a blog, launched an online training program and filmed my own workout videos/dvds — i could say i’d call you crazy but really it was all part of my master plan i’d been dreaming up since 2012. of course with lots of edits along the way.

2015 also turned out to be a pretty awesome year of travel for me.

cali —> ohio —> jamaica —> colorado —> cali take 2 —> cali take 3 —> new mexico —> dominican republic —> and lots of mn —> wi in between.

all in all 2015 has been a year for the record books.

nourish + move online training program -- nourishmovelove.com

so what can you expect from nml in 2016

  1. more fitness. after 5 months of trying to ‘do-it-all’ i’ve realized that in order to actually enjoy this entrepreneurial, blogging journey i need to cut back on my workload. so i’ve decided to focus less on creating recipes and more on creating, filming, photographing and blogging workouts since that’s my strength. no need to fear i will still have plenty of clean recipes to share with you from my foodie friends {and still of couple of my own too}. but hands in the air for more workouts!
  2. more video. more workouts, means more workout videos. i’m working on my video taking and editing skills to bring you more, high quality workout videos. and i plan to upgrade my youtube skills {you can subscribe to my youtube channel here}.
  3. pinterest. i’ve officially joined the world’s largest visual search engine, pinterest, as a blogger. after learning that this is the number one traffic driver for many food and fitness bloggers i’ve decided to step up my game and start creating pinable content for you {with the help of a good friend, hi amy}. you can follow me on pinterest here. don’t mind my empty boards, i just joined. they’ll be full of awesome content soon!nourish move love on pinterest -- 4 exercises to build a booty -- www.nourishmovelove.com
  4. sponsored content. so believe it or not lots of companies are paying bloggers to write, produce and share content. and seeing as my goal is to make a living as a fitness blogger, i need to make money too. one way to monetize the blog is to partner with brands to create sponsored content. my goal in 2016 is not only to get my first sponsorship but to produce three pieces of sponsored content. that said, i’ve committed to only partnering with brands i truly love, support and back 100%.travel often punta cana 2015 -- www.nourishmovelove.com
  5. more travel. because blogging can be done completely remotely and i love to travel; naturally there will be more travel in 2016. starting with my first trip to newport beach, california in february for lori harder’s bliss project. then off to orlando, florida in march for a family vacation with my in-laws. and then we’ll see where the avp tour takes us in spring/summer as i follow my hubby’s pro beach vball career {he’s kind of a stud, you can watch his 2015 highlight video here}. and i’m hoping to fit a couple more business trips in this year too.

didn’t see something you liked on the 2016 sneak peek? tell me what do you want to see on the blog in 2016? take the 5 question survey!

oh! and lots of other really, super, amazing things i have up my sleeve. some amazing things have popped up these last couple weeks {and even days}. you guys i’m so stinking excited for 2016!

there’ve been many days in the last 5 months where i’ve thought, ‘what are you doing, why did you quit your job, you’re never going to make it on your own.’ and i know there are still many more of those days ahead of me. but as i look back at all that i’ve accomplished this year, i’m pretty darn proud of all that i’ve accomplished this year.

so on that note, i’d like to thank you, every single one of you who’ve ever read, commented, liked or followed any or all of my content. i love you all! you’re the sole reason i get to do what i do.

and since this is my longest blog post ever…one final thought.

travel often punta cana 2015, cheers to 2016 -- www.nourishmovelove.com

when the clock strikes midnight tonight, you will have 525,600 new minutes to spend in 2016. thousands of little life-minutes. minutes you can spend sleeping, snuggling, moving, writing, working, hugging, cooking, laughing, reading, listening, sharing, crossing off to-do’s, making memories, making amends, making someone’s day a little better…
What will you do?
How will you choose to spend all those life minutes in 2016?
call me crazy, but i truly believe you do anything, or be anything you want! cheers to taking that scary leap in 2016.
nourish move love online training program before and after photo -- www.nourishmovelove.com

Oh! and one final shameless plug. on January 1st, millions of people around the world are going to jump into the new year with the best of intentions get healthy. The new year represents a fresh start, an opportunity for ambitious individuals to set big goals…and sadly, many will fail miserably.

I can’t help you be on time, limit social media screen time or travel more. but if you’re focus this new year is fitness related, I can help you and guarantee results if you’re committed.  

The nourish + move program and 4 week challenge is a lifestyle challenge; meant to help create a lifestyle and body you love. Four weeks of 20 minute workouts, meal-by-meal guidance on what to eat everyday and an accountability partnership to make sure you don’t fall off the resolution bandwagon.

ok that’s all for 2015 folks. if you read this entire post, bless your soul!

this tea sipping, workout loving, leg warmer wearing, blogger wishes you a very healthy and happy new year!


  1. So glad I found your blog through the BGB facebook group. I absolutely love your About video! did you get it professionally done? im hoping to do more videos of recipes this year too!

    • Hi Katie! You must have found me via TBP facebook group! Love connecting with fellow bloggers. I just checked out your blog — girl you’re food pics are amazing! YUM! As for my about video I worked with a good friend who’s trying to get into videography so I’d say semi-pro but I got a great deal on it! Yes, 2016 is going to be the year of video 🙂 — can’t wait to see your recipe videos to come! xo-Lindsey

  2. Such awesome goals, girl! I’m super new to your blog (this is the second post I’ve read today!), but I am in a similar boat. I’ve decided to scale back my recipes, incorporate more video (your skills are amazing – teach me your ways!) and focus on Pinterest a bit more! Would love to have you do a guest post for me in 2016!!

    • Jen! I’m so glad you found my blog and commented here. I just checked out your blog, love it! We are totally setting sail into 2016 with similar goals — more video and growing IG and Pinterest. Let’s do this together! Yes, yes, yes to guest blogging let’s get it on the calendar. I just subscribed to your newsletter and now I have your email so let’s connect in 2016 girl! Big things ahead! xo-Lindsey